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The winning side of the backgammon

Did you know that many still debate about the origin of the name backgammon? It is said that backgammon came from the Welsh ⡣k୥aning little and 硭mon෨ich means battle? Others, however, contend that the word backgammon came from the Saxon ⡣෨ich means back and the word 硭en୥aning game.If you wish to be on the winning side of the backgammon board, then BackgammonWinner.com is the place to be!

The Game of Backgammon is considered as one of the oldest games with go and chess and was certainly the most geographically widespread.the BackgammonWinner.com site gives you essential backgammon resource: from rules, history, tips and much more.In BackgammonWinner.com you'll find information to improve your backgammon game.Please, do not hesitate to send me your comments to correct or enrich this site: webmaster@backgammonwinner.com
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Written by: Stefan S.

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Did you also know that this popular game we are accustomed to call backgammon goes by different names in different countries? You bet it does. The Turkish call it Tavla, the French and the Middle Easters call it Tric-Trac, Germans dub it as Puff, the Italians Tavole Reale, the Spanish Tablas Reales and many others.